When you fall for someone’s personality, everything about them becomes beautiful.

You are at a time of life when you actually have more to offer in a relationship, as you have reached a point where you have gained life experience and most likely relationship experience.

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Strolling into your 40s and beyond, your dating and relationship requirements are likely to differ quite substantially to what they were when you were in your 20s. Most often you will be seeking a partner who shares not only your interests but also your values. In your 20s that would probably have amounted to your taste in music and very little more.


Why Join SpectrumLove.com?

So, you really are at the golden age for dating and may not even know it yet. The problem however comes in the number of dating opportunities that open up for you. You may have been separated or divorced and have a circle of friends that you share with your former partner and that makes things awkward right? There are a whole bucket load of reasons why your opportunities to meet someone are reduced. You have made the move to change your life by settling in Spain and everything about your lifestyle is where you want it to be, but all you are missing is that perfect somebody to share it with. That person who will sit out with you on a warm evening sipping a glass of wine and watching the sun go down. Or who will stroll along the beach with you watching the waves lap the shore and soak in the warm summer sun.


Feeling Lonely while listening to your favorite music in a foreign Land?

This is why online dating is ideal for you. Everybody is here for the same reason and to some extent they are likely to be in a similar situation to you. They are most definitely in the same age group as that is what this site is all about. And they are very likely to find an evening sipping wine and watching the sun go down as pleasurable as you would. This site is about making sure you are only going to find people who share similar life experiences and who have traveled a journey of life that’s almost the same in length as your own journey.


Meet like-minded people!

By basing your search on shared interests you are already giving yourself a head start. That could be your first date sorted right there. Find a date in your area and then check out their profile to see what they are into. If wine tasting is your thing and you find somebody who also knows their Rioja from their Garnacha then that sounds to us like the perfect first date.


So, what are you waiting for?

Life really does begin at 40 and at SpectrumLove that statement rings profoundly true, so grab it with both hands and bring somebody special into your life TODAY!