“There would be no music and no need for it if it were possible to communicate verbally that which is easily communicated musically.”  – E Thayer Gaston 1958

Throughout the ages music has been used as a form of therapy, and today is no different. Music has certain influences that affect the physiological and psychological aspects of the human body, and has been successfully used in addition to the treatment of various illnesses.

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Numerous white paper studies have been written and produced on the subject of music therapy and its benefits. Such as, the relief of anxiety in cancer patients, the reduction of aggression, depression and dementia, not to mention the improvement of self-esteem in young children.

Music therapy is of course also used in healthy humans, and is more commonly known and recognised when visiting a Spa or well-being clinic. This type of music therapy is used as an aid to allow us to relax more easily in order to attain the full benefit of a massage or specific treatment which allows us to forget the day and float away in a dreamlike state. Meditation is another popular form of combined music therapy where certain frequencies and binaural beats activate areas of the relaxed brain in the meditative state, further enhancing the experience. A similar form of this is used with expectant mothers while the baby is still in the womb.

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The most common form of music therapy is one we may not even be fully aware of, yet it plays  on the senses regardless! Background music! The music we play at home while conducting daily chores, in the car on the way to a meeting, after a hard day in the office over a much needed glass of wine, or a romantic evening meal in the company of the one you love. With all of this …Could you imagine your world without music?

In the words of Shakespeare himself –

“If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.”

So on that “NOTE” …Need I say more?

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“Let the MUSIC …play on!”

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