The Spanish government has introduced a new tax on internet companies that make more than 750million euros worldwide and over 3million in Spain.

Benidorm hotels did a roaring trade in the first two weeks of October with occupancy levels of over 90% and almost half of the guests were British.

The Winning Post pub in Benidorm is facing possible closure after police allegedly discovered illegal gambling on the premises.

Proposals for a gypsum mine in San Miguel de Salinas and part of Orihuela have been rejected for environmental reasons.

The increase in the minimum wage to 900 euros will have a huge impact in Murcia, The Canary Islands, Andalucia and Extremadura.

And the new RENFE line between Alicante and Villena is now open, increasing passenger capacity from 800 to 2,000. Ticket prices start at 4.25€

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