“Over the weekend, the popular coastal town of Xàbia on the Costa Blanca had the pleasure of welcoming yet another celebrity with open arms.”


Matt Damon, being the all-round nice guy that he is, posed for one ‘selfie’ after another, and seemed a little overwhelmed at times. Yet throughout the day and well into the evening, Matt happily stepped into his ‘new role’ with a dazzling Hollywood smile. As we all know, the majority of Celeb’s prefer their privacy when out and about or taking some much needed time off – and who can blame them! But not Matt Damon it seemed! He blended well with the locals – albeit a very famous and easy to spot one, as he adorned the famous baseball cap he seemingly likes to wear – a lot.

Matt lunched early overlooking the sea before spending the evening with friends posing for yet more ‘selfies’ and drinking Moet & Chandon in a local night club & restaurant. Rumor has it, Matt’s parents are looking to buy property here, however Matt’s brief visit on this occasion was to celebrate the upcoming wedding of a close friend.

matt d out and about


The town of Xàbia (Jávea), and onetime well kept secret lives up to the title of “The jewel of the Costa Blanca” by attracting an influx of new business, tourism and of course celebrities like Matt Damon, year after year. Therefore, there has never been a better time to advertise your business than right now!

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“I’m sure Matt Damon would agree with me.”

After all, it’s likely Matt believed that he was about to enjoy a quiet weekend away until the posts, tweets and word of mouth put an end to that notion. Matt’s visit went viral within a few short hours of his arrival. “Yes, but he’s a celebrity” you may say. And you would be right; however the unquestionable power behind this form of advertising remains the same.

Everyone owns a mobile phone these days! Radio and social media advertising can be seen and heard from the beach, to your car, office and home. Therefore, without this form of advertising, the same principal would apply in reverse – if you don’t shout about your business, then how will your customers know who you are, where you are and what you do?

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