Advertising budgets and spends are always becoming tighter and tighter so it is important for every business to get the most out of that budget. So when you are looking at advertising what are your main objectives? Getting your message out to your customers springs to mind and this is where radio comes into its own with emotive advertising that triggers feelings within the consumer.

Radio is an active medium

Radio advertising generates interaction. Your message becomes personal with a voice promoting your product or service whilst people actively listen to music of their choice your message gets delivered and whether it is just voice or a catchy jingle, it is something that consumers remember.

Radio puts you on the first page

Unlike standard social media where you compete with your competitors for viewing space, radio allows your message to capture the attention of your target audience, you will never be surrounded by the competition’s ads. What is more your ad has a greater chance of being truly individual and radio shows a real professional edge.

Radio is cost effective advertising

Whilst social media is free, the spiralling rates of facebook ads and twitter cards let alone direct marketing etc means you can get a good deal on radio, where costs are very competitive for direct personalised marketing to your customers.

Radio is truly mobile media

Whilst computers, ipads and phones are always used in traditional marketing, radio is the truly mobile media with it being listened to at home, in the car and in restaurants and bars and then wherever your customers go they will continue to hear your message at key times of the day.

Your can target your advertising

Targeting your audience at key times of the day is easy with radio ads. Your ad could be heard on the way to work, at lunch time and on the drive home, effectively driving home your message. Radio advertising is a soft form of advertising that doesn’t make customers feel it is forced upon them.

So if you would like to know more about how radio advertising can work for your business with some competitive rates contact us today. Spectrum FM has an epic reach throughout Spain and the islands so call us and let us tell our listeners all about your business.

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