Sunday, 30/4/2017 | 6:46 CEST
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Stolen goods gang arrested in Alicante

The Guardia Civil in Alicante have busted a gang which was pres-umably dedicated to buying stolen items, such as electronic goods, jewellery and perfumes, for export and resale in Algeria.  In the second phase of this operation, 17 people were arrested.

Another two are under investigation.  During searches, over 400 objects valued at around 100,000 euros, including latest generation mobiles, microphones, computers, tablets, jewellery, clothing, perfume, equalisers, amplifiers, guitars and cameras, as well as 5,000 euros in cash.  Those arrested were of various nationalities, and they are all accused of robbery, receiving stolen goods, thefts and belonging to a criminal gang.  Many of the goods were stolen from homes in Alicante.


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